Mother’s Day 2016: Top Gift Ideas for Mom

Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping is probably the greatest thing to happen since we sent humans into outer space.

If you’ve forgotten to get something for your mom before Mother’s Day, fear not! You still have time to get her a gift and not let her know that you almost effed it up this year.

If you don’t already have Prime, you can sign up for it here. It costs $10.99 per month or $99 per year, and you will get free two-day shipping on pretty much everything you need for the rest of your life.

1. This foot hammock for the mom who spends a lot of time at her desk.

2. A terrarium kit and glass container for the mom who has a green thumb.

The kit includes things like soil, gravel, moss and charcoal for plant health. Get it here for $16.95 and get the glass globe here for $19.99. You’ll have to buy the plans separately.

4. This phone case that instantly prints out pictures for the mom who loves keeping and sharing little mementos.

The case is a little big but it’s not meant to be used 24/7. It’s best for bringing on vacations or to fun events. Get it here for $129.99.

5. This espresso machine with a steamer for the mom who is addicted to lattes.

Get it here for $29.99.

6. A Kindle case for the mom who can’t put hers down.

Get them here for $20.99.

Get the wifi enabled Kindle here for $119.99. You can also find the more basic version here.

7. This beautiful Nine West satchel bag for the fashion forward mom.

Get it here for $68.99.

8. This fruit infusing water bottle for the mom who loves to keep it healthy.

Get it here for $19.95.

9. This matcha tea ceremony starter kit for the mom who loves caffeine or tea (or both).

It includes a bowl, whisk, whisk holder, scooper, and sifter in addition to some actual matcha powder. Get it here for $64.50.

10. This juicer that’s really efficient and easy to use for the mom who can’t get enough green juice.

Get it here for $99.95.

11. This beautiful wood rack for the mom who loves wine.

Get it here for $49.99 in this and a few other colors.

12. A Fitbit Flex fitness tracker for the mom who loves to stay active.

Get it here in seven different color options for $77.88 to $99.95 (the basic black one is cheapest).

13. This effortless indoor garden that’s perfect for the mom who loves using fresh herbs, but maybe doesn’t have the greenest thumb.

Get it here for $59.99.

14. This ravioli shaper for moms who love to experiment in the kitchen.

 Get it here for $22.19.

15. A super compact and convenient hydration pack for the mom who loves hiking, biking, or going on outdoor adventures.

This way she can hike, travel and explore hands-free, plus there’s extra room for keys, snacks, and other little essentials. Get it here for $26.99.

16. This set of top-of-the-line Prismacolor pencils for the mom who loves art and creative expression plus a coloring book to go along with it.

Get the pencils here for $73.99 and the coloring book here for $7.99. If you want to go for a less expensive option, these colored pencils for $15.99 are also great.

17. An iPhone battery case for the mom who is always using her phone.

18. This insanely cool multi-reversible shirt that transforms 24 different ways for the mom who likes to pack light for travel.

Or who just appreciates this kind of functionality. Get it here for $59.00.

19. This color-changing aromatherapy diffuser for the mom who needs some help relaxing after a stressful day.

 Get it here for $19.95 along with a small set of essential oils here for about $12.

20. The HONY book for moms who just love people.

Get it here for $18.88.

21. This art that you can play with for the mom who just really loves cool stuff.

Get it here for $64.95.

22. A gorgeous soy wax candle that doubles as decor for the mom who *lights up* your life.

Get it here for $27.95.

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