Photography Is The “Trick” To Your Best First Impression

When selling a home first impressions matter. Most people don’t really think about it this way, but to be a successful real estate team, we potentially need to sell your home three times, twice to the buyer and once to their Realtor®.

The first “sell” happens when a buyer first sees the photographs of your home from our online marketing. The second “sell” is when the buyers pull up to your house and walk through the front door. We don’t want them leaving thinking the pictures online were better than the real thing.

In addition to the buyer, we need to “sell” your home to other Realtors®. The National Association of Realtors publishes a report each year about how buyers found the home they bought. Last year 87% of buyers used a Realtor® at some point in the process when buying a house. Our goal is to make certain when Realtors® see your home, they will present it to their clients as their future home.  So, when other real estate agents look through the MLS for homes to recommend to their clients we want them to be impressed, too.

Don’t let anyone tell you photos don’t make a difference. Check out these before and after photos (by the way, ours are the “after” photos)

The Photography Shoot

When you’re ready to list your home for sale, and a photographer comes to your home to take pictures, it isn’t a quick process. The photo shoot can take one to three hours depending on the size and features of your home. After the pictures are taken, several more hours will be spent in front of the computer to make sure the images frame your home best.

Our clients love the guidance our team provides in preparing for their photo shoot and it starts with our  Photo Guide. Click here to download our Photo Prep Guide.

It’s not enough to have professional pictures taken, though. Our team works only with photographers who understand this isn’t an art project, the pictures are taken to sell your home. Buyers don’t want to see the agent in photos (see below), they want to see the home. Good real estate photos, capture and accentuate the home’s beauty. Great real estate photos showcase a home to appeal to potential buyers. Pictures of a beautiful kitchen, a healthy lawn and clean yard, a pool so clear and cool looking you want to jump in — these are the kinds of images buyers want to see.

A Team Effort

Selling your home is a team effort. You, your Realtor®, and the photographer will all work together to make your home look as beautiful online as it is in real life. A good agent and photographer working together will focus on the most appealing parts of your home while giving buyers and their agents a feel for the entire property. Make sure you work with a team that can do that for you.

If your’e going to sell your house, ask to see current and past listings of any agent you are considering to market your home so you can decide for yourself, what kind of images are used.

Ask about the photographers they work with to get an idea of their experience and style. You want someone who understands how important the photographs are to your listing.

The right pictures will lead to interest and interest will lead to inquiries and showings. A good photographer will let a buyer imagine what it would be like to live there before they walk through the front door.

Photographs aren’t the only “TRICK” in our bag, if you’d like to learn more, click here to download our 5 Point Marketing Plan, it’s our “TREAT.”

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