Bradley Taylor


Bradley’s goal in life is to live elevated or to live a life of limitless possibilities. Bradley finds the most joy when he is able to serve other people and help someone to take the next steps in their life’s journey. Whether the next step in life journey is the sale or purchase of a new home, or something else, Bradley extends his hand to help you take that next step.
Bradley was born and raised in Utah County. He has fond of memories of attending Cougar basketball games with his Dad and brothers. As a young boy, he remembers sitting under the football stadium on the 4th of July watching the Stadium of Fire Fireworks. There is nothing better to Bradley, than taking a weekend drive through one of Utah’s many canyons along the Wasatch Front.
Bradley’s career first began in customer service and project management in the financial services industry. Working for one of the largest banks in the country, Bradley learned how to provide world-class service to his clients. Bradley’s work in project management provided skill in analysis and project timelines. Both of these disciplines make Bradley an effective real estate professional providing world-class service and helping his client complete their real estate transaction contractually on time.
Bradley believes that within the walls of a home is where people learn together, love together, laugh together and build eternal memories. It will be a great honor for Bradley to be a small part of helping you build memories in your home. Whether you need to sell, buy or update your home, Bradley is your trusted real estate adviser.