Keeping Your Family COVID-Safe on this Year’s Summer Vacation

After more than a year of staying home, most of us are ready for a vacation. Now that summer is here, and the CDC says vaccinated adults should be safe to travel, we can expect the summer travel season to be big this year. While it is nice to start to get back to normal, many people are still cautious about doing so. Understandably so, when it is evident that even with a vaccine, there is a chance that you can still contract and transmit the virus. If after weighing the pros and cons you’ve decided to venture out this summer, here are a few ideas that could help to keep your family healthy and enjoy a COVID-safe summer vacation. 



Stay In a Vacation Rental

To minimize your exposure to other people and avoid confusing travel restrictions imposed by hotels, you could opt for staying in a vacation rental. Most vacation rentals allow no contact check-in and do not have a cleaning service come in until you leave. Plus, the space will only be used by you and your family, so you will avoid interacting with other guests in common areas. You can find vacation rentals in just about every city with many near beaches, mountains, and other tourist destinations.



Make it a Road Trip

Traveling away from home sounds so tempting, but if you are still not ready to fight the crowds at an airport, a road trip may be your best bet. Experts predict that summer airport travel will be one of the busiest ever, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. Busy airports full of people do not exactly sound pleasant, COVID fears or not. Taking a road trip will allow you to get out of town without being in close proximity to hundreds of strangers. Road trips allow you to see areas you would probably otherwise skip. Plus, you could take advantage of some of the travel deals smaller tourist towns are offering, like discounted rates in hotels or vacation rentals.   



Unplug and head Outdoors

Camping, either in an RV or a tent, has been considered a low-risk activity since early in the pandemic. As long as you go to a place that is not overcrowded, it is a great way to get out of town and make some memories. There are plenty of unique, remote places you can visit this summer that allow camping. For example, many National Parks have limited the number of people allowed at campgrounds to allow for social distancing. Suppose you aren’t up for traveling too far from home. In that case, you can likely find a nice campground or secluded area where camping is allowed within a couple of hours of your home to spend a weekend.  



Relax and Enjoy!

However you decide to spend your summer vacation, make sure you are still washing your hands frequently, respecting people’s need for space, and if you aren’t feeling well, stay home. The last year has been tough on everyone, but the tourism and restaurant industries were hit especially hard, so please remember to tip well if you are able. Most of all, enjoy your trip! You deserve some rest, relaxation, and fun! 


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