Monthly Market Update

Monthly Market Update

What a year! The housing market has seen record-breaking changes that have never been seen before in a single calendar year. From sudden jumps in mortgage rates to drops in demand, there has been no shortage of surprises. So what’s happening right now as the year draws to a close? And how does that affect […]

Fall In Love With Homeownership

Trying to decide whether to rent or buy your next home is a tough decision. Either could be a good option, but the benefits of owning your own home are tried and true. In the US today, more than half of the population lives in a home they own, and that rate is still on […]

Prepare Your Home to Sell

Getting ready to sell your home can be a long, tiresome process. While your agent is working hard to get you the best offer possible, there is still lots for you to do as the homeowner. These simple tasks in this article are not only a great place to start, but can also go a […]

Condos: Your Gateway to Homeownership

Buying your first home can be a daunting task, especially in today’s market. Prices are high, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer who doesn’t have equity from a previous home to put toward a new one. If this is you, buying a condo could be the very stepping stone you need to get you closer […]

Market Update

There is a lot of uncertainty in the headlines right now. In many ways, the world is still recovering from the pandemic and the volatility in the housing market. The financial markets especially have seen drastic changes over the past couple of years. These changes, coupled with quickly shifting social and personal needs, have had […]

The Truth About Title Theft

The Truth About Home Title Theft Home title theft is a real problem that is becoming more prominent. How it works is that a scammer will gather your personal information in order to steal your identity and then transfer your home title to themselves. That gives them access to all the equity in your home. […]

Should I Sell My House Now or Wait Until 2023

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If you’ve been watching the real estate market, you know it has been a wild ride the last couple of years. Home values all across the country went through the roof, and homes sold in a matter of minutes. Today, the real estate market is cooling off just a bit. The news is making this […]

Real Estate Home Prices and How They are Determined

Have you seen the posts on social media showing what type of house you can get in different cities? They’ll show a $500,000 home in California versus a $500,000 home in Nebraska, and the difference is incredible. How can you afford a big, beautiful house in one area but hardly anything in another? It turns […]