3 Home Renovations That Don’t Pay Off

Home renovations can be an exciting way to freshen up an existing home. In many cases, certain renovations can make a considerable difference when going to market for sale, resulting in more interested buyers, less days on market, and sometimes thousands more in the seller’s pocket. If you are planning to do home renovations with […]

Is the Real Estate Market on Fire or is the Bubble About to Burst?

Home values are increasing at an alarming pace. Some cities like ­­­­Sacramento, CA and Charlotte, NC have seen over 13% price increases in the last year. Whenever home values suddenly increase, we hear worries of being in a “housing bubble” and that the bubble is going to inevitably “burst.” But what does that really mean? […]

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home This Year

Many homeowners are asking, “Should I sell my house now? Isn’t it a Seller’s Market? Is it too late to capitalize on this Buyer frenzy?” The truth is this is a loaded question. While it is true that interest rates are low and housing prices continue to climb, there is not a “one size fits […]