New Year, New Style

2023 is just around the corner, and with it, lots of new and exciting changes. If you’ve been thinking about changing it up in your home but aren’t sure where to start or what’s trending with home design, then you are in the right place! These are some of the biggest up and coming trends as we head into the new year.


Holistic Designs

As we head into 2023, home design is becoming more personal than ever. After being confined inside during the pandemic, we’ve realized how important it is to have a home that feels like just that. Home. “People are going to think more about how the interior design of a house makes them feel and, from there, dive into how design can make them happier, healthier, and more productive in their space.” [1] Because of this, more open floor plans will continue to be popular through 2023.

A bright, calming atmosphere is all the rage right now. This means big windows, glass walls, sky lights, and other creative ways to increase natural light. Research has shown that natural light can have all sorts of mental and physical benefits. “Natural light can help improve sleep, mood, focus and assist with vitamin D production” [2]. It also helps decrease the need for artificial lights, which saves energy and money.

Large, multi-purpose outdoor spaces are also becoming increasingly popular. One design firm said, “We’re doing these gigantic rear porches that have cooking and eating areas and seating areas all built into them” [3]. After being confined to our homes for so long, the idea that each area of our homes can be an enjoyable, relaxing space is becoming more enticing. Now, designs to extend that feeling to both the inside and outside of our homes is spreading.


Functional Spaces

The pandemic also opened our eyes to the functionality of our homes. Space for a home office is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Because of this, many people updated their homes to have multipurpose spaces. “A kitchen isn’t just a kitchen; it’s a place for entertaining, and a homework station on weekdays” [1]. We have reimagined what’s possible with each room and have redesigned our homes to meet all of our everyday needs. 

These spaces, called ‘flex’ spaces, are one of the biggest focuses in home designs today. “Flex spaces are intended to help your home better accommodate your day-to-day life. Guest bedrooms, for example, can often be reimagined for more frequent and flexible use” [4]. 

Home design is also moving away from traditional formal spaces and converting them into open, family spaces. “Gone are the days of formal dining and living areas… Open kitchen and family room plans remain high priorities, and large family dining spaces can be dressed up or dressed down depending upon the circumstances” [3]. Buyers no longer want homes with closed off, formal spaces that go unused. New and remodeled homes now feature large, open family spaces that can be customized to meet the individual needs of each family.


The Takeaway

Our lives have seen many changes over the past few years, and now it’s time to update our homes to match. As 2023 begins, home designs will become increasingly rooted in how they affect our day-to-day lives. As you consider how to update your home in the coming year, consider how to help your house feel like a safe space for you and your family. From increasing natural light, to creating multi-functional flex spaces, your home can become individualized to meet your everyday needs, increase productivity, and provide a bright, calming environment.








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